We help farmers reduce grain price risk so they can focus on production

We help farmers reduce grain price risk so they can focus on production


  • A proprietary  hedging program that automates risk management
  • No up front cost
  • Minimal maintenance fees
  • We only get paid when you do
  • Trade smarter not harder--like the Pros do

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  • For the self-directed farmer
  • Annual subscription for  weekly technical analysis of the grain markets
  • Learn how to buy low and sell high
  • Get advanced strategies and learn key signals that will maximize profits
  • Apply exclusive knowledge to your grain marketing strategy

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 Most grain marketing brokerage firms are frustrating farmers with the "rolling" strategy they utilize. We have a different approach.  Using our  automated proprietary timing strategy, ASTRA HEDGE ™, we help farmers market their grain for maximum profits without all the high commissions .  

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   We believe farmers should trade smarter not harder. The market moves and wants to pay you but you have to know how to let it.   


3. Go Farm


Do what you love and we'll take care of the rest!

Meet Tim


Tim Barker is a sixth generation farmer, father of five active boys, and husband to his high school sweetheart, Kelli. Tim is a licensed Series  3 Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA), a member of the Kansas Bar Association and National Futures Association (NFA).  He is the CEO of Ag Astra, principal, and managing member.  As such, he advises on three million plus bushels of grain production each year, and is responsible for all other aspects of Ag Astra's operations, including its trading decisions.  


Our why...


Ag Astra is a registered Commodities Trading Advisory Firm (CTA) who is farmer focused.  Our mission is to help farmers across the country  become self directed grain marketers via education and through the empowerment of automated grain marketing programs.

We recognize some farmers want to continue to learn and take control of their own grain marketing.  MARKETCHAT™ allows the self-directed farmer to be in the driver's seat.

 We realize not all farmers  have time to maneuver the daily complexities of the grain market nor do they like the expensive "rolling" strategy brokerage firms utilize. We developed a program that addresses this need. ASTRA HEDGE ™ helps farmers overcome the daily commodity market burdens and allows them freedom to just farm.

We believe farmers should trade smarter not harder.   


Why us?

 It is our goal to work every bit as hard as you work, every single day. We as advisors will be vigilant with observing the trending markets as well as the automated ASTRA HEDGE ™ Programs.   In other words, we are there for you so you can focus on farming.   

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