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All of us are obligated to protect our families and our property. We can assist you in establishing the legal protections you need, without the expenses or hassles of meeting with an attorney.

Documents Specifically For Farmers

Every document we offer has been utilized and proven sound. Farm families have successfully deployed these documents  They have peace of mind, knowing they have created a path of protection for generations to come.

Trust Is Earned

"Our farm was at risk without a family trust. We were convinced our boys wouldn't get the entire property transferred after we were gone. We created a Family Trust from the Legal Library, and filed it with the courts. Now we are confident our farm will continue."

Gene and Rhetta B., 4th Generation Wheat and Corn farmers

Farm Documents We Offer

We provide a wide array of legal support, represented in an extensive library of documents. After purchase, download your document and fill it out as prompted. Once you're finished, file with your local courthouse, and you're protected!

Our library of documents are bundled for your benefit. These bundles include:

  • Business Bundle. This package of documents has been created with your farm's business operation in mind. It includes: Cash Rent Agreement for Dry Land, Cash Rent Agreement for IRR Land, LLC Operating Agreement OR Partnership Agreement.

  • Estate Documents for an Individual. This bundle of documents is designed for the needs of an individual. The documents include: General Warranty Deed, Trustees Warranty Deed, FPOA, Medical POA, Living Will, Pour Over Will, Trust

  • Estate Documents for a Married Couple. This set of legal documents is designed exclusively for the unique needs of a married couple. They include: General Warranty Deed, Trustees Warranty Deed, FPOA for each spouse, Living will for each spouse, Medical POA for each spouse, Pour Over Will for Each Spouse, Trust for Each Spouse.

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