Ag Astra Advantage

Our Why...

We are a registered Commodities Trading Advisory Firm (CTA) who are farmer focused.  Our mission is to help farmers become self directed grain marketers via education and through the empowerment of automated grain marketing programs while at the same time increasing their profit.  We realize farmers don't like the expensive "rolling" strategy brokerage firms utilize with each trade but they simply don't have time to maneuver the complexities of the grain market on their own, so, we developed services that address these needs. Our  programs ASTRA HEDGE ™ help remedy the high commissions incurred with the "rolling" grain marketing strategy that undermine profits by utilizing an automated proprietary timing strategy.  Through consultation with an Advisor, Farmers are encouraged to take an active lead in directing a personalized sustainable risk management program designed to help minimize risk and maximize profits.   

With   MARKETCHAT™, farmers can  be in the driver's seat!  It was created with the do-it-yourself farmer in mind.    MARKETCHAT™ is a weekly technical analysis subscription that provides insight on key market signals and how to personally apply them to self managed grain marketing strategy.  

Our story...

We believe farmers should trade smarter not harder.  

Ag Astra is not your typical farm services company. We were raised on farms, live in the middle of nowhere, and wouldn't trade a second of our experiences for anything. We truly understand your needs, emulate your work ethic, and exude the values and integrity that you demand. It is our goal to work every bit as hard as you work, every single day.   Even though the AstraHedge Programs are 100% systematic and very little human discretion is used, we as advisors will be vigilant with observing the trending markets as well as the automated AstraHedge Programs.   In other words, we

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