MarketChat™ Webinars


Stay On Top With MarketChat™

You work hard to get any advantage you can. MarketChat™ Webinars help you sharpen your skills and keep you ahead of the competition. 

MarketChat™ delivers you real-time analysis of trends and discussions of pertinent issues that will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

MarketChat™ is hosted at 7:30 AM CST every Wednesday morning, and fills 30 minutes with up-to-the-minute news, crop-specific discussion and Q&A. Connect on your computer or portable device. A subscription for this insight is required. It's the best half an hour investment you could make!

The Power of Peers

MarketChat™ is more than just Ag Astra delivering up-to-date market  advice - it's a group of producers, just like you, sharing their perspectives and offering up unique perspectives. 

Your experiences matter. We hope that you will share your wisdom with other collaborators, making for a powerful partnership. MarketChat™ is not about competition - it's coopetition!

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No Judgement. No Bull. Just Straight Talk.

One-on-one, no question is off limits. Ag Astra is committed to getting your grain marketing program to flourish. That means more personal and direct assistance. That's why we offer Coaching services.

These private sessions will give you the freedom to discuss specific challenges and opportunities your farm is facing. In return, we'll provide honest, straightforward advice.  

Ag Astra will troubleshoot any issue your farm is facing. Coaching services are available in 3 month and 6 month blocks. You'll receive two 30 minute sessions per month to discuss whatever idea or strategy you're considering.

Bring us your questions and ideas. We want you to succeed. Period.

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Trust Is Earned

"After attending the workshop, I was excited to manage my own grain marketing. But, we had several unique challenges and I wasn't sure what to do. After a couple of scheduled coaching calls with Tim, I had a plan that gave me confidence. Sometimes, you just want to be sure what you're doing is the right thing. Ag Astra coaching gave me that peace of mind."

Tim G., 3rd generation wheat and cattle farmer



Hard Work Always Works

Consulting services from Ag Astra is a more "hands-on" approach to marketing grain. It allows us the opportunity to proactively identify and recommend marketing strategies.

We will call you with specific solutions when  opportunities align with your goals.

In short - we work as tirelessly as you do.

Crop Year Consulting Package

The Crop Year Consulting Package is our consulting service that parallels your crop season. It gives you timely advice as you move through the seasons of your crop cycles.  

  • Wheat - March thru February (12 months)
  • Corn - March thru May (14 months)
  • Beans - December thru November (12 months)
  • Cotton - January thru December (12 months)

The Crop Year Consulting Package is our most complete and robust consulting package. You'll receive actionable guidance throughout the lifespan of your crop.

Plus, you'll receive one year's subscription to our MarketChat™ series. Connect with other producers and stay ahead with weekly updates!

The Crop Year Consulting Package is offered to farms up to 1,000 acres. Contact us for pricing if your farm exceeds 1,000 acres.

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Harvest +90™ Package

Many of the biggest decisions a producer faces comes immediately after harvest. That's where Harvest +90™ comes in. 

The Harvest +90™ package is designed to provide valuable direction at your farm's most critical marketing stage - the 90 days immediately following harvest.

We'll seek out opportunities and  make recommendations specific to your farm, based on market activity and localized opportunities.

The Harvest +90™ Package is offered to farms up to 1,000 acres. Contact us for pricing if your farm exceeds 1,000 acres.

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Half The Price Of Traditional Brokerage Services

Ag Astra is committed to delivering value. We look for opportunities to act as an advocate for producers across the country. We don't feel the need to charge you every time the market moves. We take action only when that movement makes sense - not because it racks up commissions. Everything we do is absolutely transparent, which means no surprises for you. Even more importantly, when we do provide services, our fees are typically pennies on the dollar when compared to conventional channels.

Compare our fees to other traditional brokerage services and see for yourself. 

Risk Disclosure

Ag Astra, LLC, and its affiliates are providing information purely for educational purposes. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as a solicitation for investment, the sale or purchase of securities, options, or futures, or for the solicitation of legal services. Any statements made herein are illustrative and for example only. Any use of the concepts described herein may contain risk. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.